Pic of Ninette in the age of...
Yes, it’s a few years ago!
Born 1961 in Hamburg, Germany
1981 – 1987 University of Hannover Diploma for Architecture
1987- 2001 working as an Architect in Hamburg, Cologne and Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
2001 Certified Web-Designer TÜV-Akademie Cologne
2014 Fotoschule Cologne, Lichtblick School (Günter Zurborn) Cologne

Even during my work as an architect, I was also passionate about artistic photography.
Photographing means watching the world and yourself very closely.
I am interested in people’s spaces, both inner and outer.
„Don’t show me what I see, but show me what I feel.“

  • 2016 Group Exhibition Gallerie 68elf Cologne „Human Spaces“
  • 2017 Group Exhibition of members of „Verein zur Förderung künstlerischer Bildmedien“ Leverkusen within the frmework of the „Leverkusen Art Night 2017“